Comments from 16 May training session

Monday mumbles… On a Tuesday!!

Woooohooooo outside training what a great evening. Unfortunately I wasn’t taking much notice of starters, but the little I did see it looked like all was going well, Monty is improving so much also Penny was getting more confidence by the end of the evening, Digby is still improving but loves his playtime with all his new buddies. Trix seemed back to her normal self after her hiccup and to celebrate did a few laps of the field!!!!! Kimi was doing well, she has started to trigger the box now and is not bothered by the noise one bit. The ‘team’ managed to get in a good training session, cross overs getting tighter and all running well. ⭐️Star⭐️ of the evening has to go to William for his first ever attempt at box loading and I think we can all say he did very well. It was a lovely sight last night watching all the dogs having playtime after training. Keep up the good work everyone, I think Christine Reilly is proud of each and everyone of you. See you next training session.

First blog post

A major achievement!!!  After a couple of hours of swearing, crashing the computer and several attempts to try to work out how to achieve a webpage we have finally cracked (we hope!).

Photo shows the gang at their very first competition as Recall Flyball.  They even managed to get second place!  Well done guys!

Now keep an eye out for more interesting blog postings about flyball, the dogs and the club.

Chris and Tracy